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Beach Cleaning action
Balnakeil Bay, Scotland

A ghost net that lay under a dune for over 3 years was transformed. The first nets we ever used in our Oceana Plant pot came from our friends at Plastic@Bay, which is in the north of Scotland. 

The good folk at Plastic@Bay sent us a net that was buried for ten years in Balnakeil Bay, Durness. It took volunteers three years to remove it...It had been deeply covered in a large dune for many years until a big storm in late 2021 shifted things forever. It was so exciting when it was finally recovered, shredded, processed, and transformed into our plant pots! We had been making our Ocean plastic plant pots on a small scale for a few years before, but this was when we really started scaling the cleanup and injecting the material. Early proof of concept and a big day for all of us.


We track the nets’ journey from the sea to our workshop, transforming them into beautiful, functional eco-plant pots and sustainable products with purpose.


We believe in transparency and celebrating the volunteers who help us make a difference. Together, we are cleaning our coasts and planting positivity.

Buying one of our products supports the continued work cleaning our beaches.

#Oceana_001 Batch 1


Found by Julien & crew from Plastic@Bay (Abandoned, discarded, lost fishing gear) 

Balnakeil Bay, Scotland

Late 2021


We received our first batches of ghost nets from Julien and Joan, who run their small but mighty ocean-based charity in Scotland. The team at Plastic@Bay has been absolute legends in their help, guidance, and scientific expertise. They are doing amazing work collecting data and cleaning beaches. Their charity aims to tackle marine plastic pollution in North West Scotland and beyond by monitoring, researching, developing, recycling, and providing outreach programs. 

Processing the early Oceana Batch 001

The Ocean Plant pot is still being made in small batches by hand, but our focus is on the Sea Change Plant pots.

In the meantime, check out our other products made from abandoned fishing nets and ropes.

If you spot ghost fishing gear around the UK, please report it via the Ghost Fishing Gear report page.


All orders now have free UK delivery

We will deliver your items for free so you can know exactly the price you see is the price you pay.

10 Percent for the planet Logo

10% of our profits support charities and beach cleaning crews supporting marine conservation & outreach programs in the community

100 percent Recycled Logo

We use 100% recycled materials that can be 100% recycled. Circular & sustainable design principals for a healthy planet

Made in Britain Logo

Our products are made locally in Bristol, UK by merman and his trusty pirate helpers. We collect our materials off local  beaches.

Ecotribo is committed to a circular economy. We design our products to last a lifetime and offer a lifetime warranty. If your ocean plastic product ever breaks, we will repair or replace it for free.

We use only 100% recycled materials in our recycled ocean plastic products, and we can guarantee that every product returned will be repaired or recycled (just pay the postage). This is possible because we have a closed-loop production process. Please help us create a more sustainable future by choosing Ecotribo. When you buy our eco products, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Cleaning our seas,

Planting positivity.

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