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Puffins are spotted on Scilly
April - May. Also Dolphins, Whales, Cormarants
Coordinates - 49.979071°N 6.292114°W OS
White Isle Grid reference - SV924176 Archipelago
Isles of Scilly
Area: 0.059 sq mi (0.15 km2)


Beach Cleaning action
Isles of Scilly 2023

Batch_003 - Our friends at Clean Ocean Sailing found our huge batch of nets on the remote White Isle, off the Isles of Scilly. In our solar-powered workshop, we recycled the ghost nets into our eco plant pots.

Steve and his fantastic crew of plastic pirates sailed to the Isles of Scilly in the summer of 2023. It was a critical mission as it started the 'Ocean Well-being' project. The project 'brings together marine conservation and positive social outreach, offering individuals from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in our ocean clean-up missions'. We believe that the ocean has a healing power that can transform people's lives, so by healing the ocean, one can heal oneself through 'Blue-mind therapy.


Blue mind therapy 'is the mildly meditative state people fall into when they are near, in, under or on water. Water positively affects the mind and body, and the Blue Mind Theory provides ways people can use water to improve their well-being.

The collected green nets came from the 'White Island' off the main Scilly Isles.

This small uninhabited island on the northwest side of St Martin's is important for its geology, maritime habitat, grassland, and breeding seabirds.


'We had one unusually calm day to allow us to get there; it's right out west and often gets battered by waves.'.

Those waves bring in much waste, which we managed to collect before it broke down into smaller pieces and microplastics. We were stoked to play our small role in this project by supporting Steve and his crew and being able to transform some of the waste collected into our range of plant pots and carabiners—positive outcomes for people and the planet.

Here are the bullet points - complete data to come shortly,

  • 216 miles - sailed/rowed/paddled (& swum ( by Helen mostly!)

  • 15 islands cleaned 11 kilometres of coast cleaned

  • 622 Volunteer hours spent

  • 10,421 pieces collected, weighing

  • 2721.8 Kilograms

  • Coordinates    49.979071°N 6.292114°W

  • OS grid reference    SV924176

  • Archipelago - Isles of Scilly Area    0.059 sq mi (0.15 km2)



We believe in transparency and celebrating the volunteers who help us make a difference. Together, we are cleaning our coasts and planting positivity.

Buying one of our products supports the continued work cleaning our beaches.

#Seachange_Batch 003


Clean Ocean Sailing,
Isles of Scilly

Ghost Net Retrieval On Sept 2023

Material type used: HDPE and PP ropes


Our new Ecotribo Plant Pot (Batch 003) was made from nets found by our mates Steve and the pirate crew of Clean Ocean Sailing. we helped process the nets and ropes and collected a huge batch to be transformed into our products.

Processing Batch 003

Positive outcomes for people and planet

A percentage of profits from our product sales supports The Ocean Well Being project by Clean Ocean Sailing, which brings together marine conservation and positive social outreach, offering individuals from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in ocean clean-up missions.


During three-day sea voyages on a traditional wooden sailing vessel, participants experience sailing, kayaking, and wild swimming alongside activities with a positive environmental impact - beach cleaning and processing marine plastics for recycling and repurposing.

The Sea Change Plant Pot is now available in our shop. Made from nets gathered around our coasts. Check out our range of beautiful plant pots in a variety of colourways to suit your home and decor.

If you spot ghost fishing gear around the UK, please report it via the Ghost Fishing Gear report page.


All orders now have free UK delivery

We will deliver your items for free so you can know exactly the price you see is the price you pay.

10 Percent for the planet Logo

10% of our profits support charities and beach cleaning crews supporting marine conservation & outreach programs in the community

100 percent Recycled Logo

We use 100% recycled materials that can be 100% recycled. Circular & sustainable design principals for a healthy planet

Made in Britain Logo

Our products are made locally in Bristol, UK by merman and his trusty pirate helpers. We collect our materials off local  beaches.

Ecotribo is committed to a circular economy. We design our products to last a lifetime and offer a lifetime warranty. If your ocean plastic product ever breaks, we will repair or replace it for free.

We use only 100% recycled materials in our recycled ocean plastic products, and we can guarantee that every product returned will be repaired or recycled (just pay the postage). This is possible because we have a closed-loop production process. Please help us create a more sustainable future by choosing Ecotribo. When you buy our eco products, you are helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Cleaning our seas,

Planting positivity.

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