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Frequently asked Questions

  • How do you make your ocean plastic products?
    Our recycled ocean plastic products are made from fishing nets and ropes we find on UK shores. We work with beach cleaning groups based in Cornwall and Scotland who collect the nets and waste. The material is collected, then sorted into types of plastics ready to be cleaned and processed. Once the material is cleaned it is shredded into a small fibre that can be put into our plastic injection machines. The plastic is heated up to approximately 240 degrees and then injected into our bespoke metal moulds. You can get a better idea of the process here:
  • Do you do workshops?
    Yes we do! Please email us with your orgnisation name and location, preferable dates and a brief synopsis of what you are wanting and we can create a bespoke workshop to suit your needs. Check this one we did for Clean Ocean Sailing on Falmouth Quay:
  • Do you do wholesale?
    Yes we do! Well will be soon so please get in touch! We are scaling up our business and will be doing our new 'Sea Change' Plant Pot and carabiners wholesale! We will also be doing our water bottles and carabiners and are keen to get things set up asap so reach out at
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do! If your country is not currently listed, please let us know what you want to order and where you need it delivered, and we would be happy to work out a price for you.
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