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Sea Turtle



The decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future

When creating an ‘eco-business, there has been much talk and minimal action. I’m proud to be a ‘doer’ as it’s in the field that real change happens. I research, experiment, prototype,, and make things better by doing rather than talking. My mission is to ‘Clean our seas and plant positivity’ through action.


Ecotribo is a founding member of the OceanX project working with Rideguard to manufacture the world's first bicycle mudguards made from ocean plastics. Involved in a number of ocean cleaning, and recycling initiatives in Cornwall, Scotland and Europe – we are at the forefront of eco-design utilising recycled ocean plastics.

Whilst recycling is an important element, Ecotribo has explored and created its biomaterials to find alternatives to plastic. It also has its T-shirt and clothing range made from recycled organic T-shirts – all printed with water-based inks in a local factory running on sustainable wind-powered energy.

I keep busy; this is an emergency, after all! I’m passionate about finding positive solutions to waste and helping put other brands on their sustainable journey. I can help with product development, manufacturing as well as marketing. Check out the ‘Deity’ Mudguard video below for the OceanX campaign. I helped with product development, design and social media and regularly liaise and collaborate with other brands wanting to find eco-friendly solutions for their business.

Ecotribo LTD has been around as a design business since 2011. Director, Tyrone Probert has been working in the design and creative industries for over 20 years with some of the world's best-loved brands as a creative director, art director and digital designer.

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