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Ecotribo Ocean Plastic recycling demos

Research in Action. Our Recycled Ocean
Plastic Process.

We have been working with ocean plastics and waste materials for many years, trying various products and processes to utilise the materials in beautiful and exciting ways from 3D printing, recycled oyster shells and translucency

We are making our Oceana Plant pot by hand in our Bristol Workshop using a small injection molding machine. The material is sourced from a network of beach cleaning charities we have supported for a few years. The fishing nets are abandoned on our shores and found by our volunteers. Each product is direct action cleaning our coasts and removing ghost nets from wildlife habitats. The material is collected by hand using a fleet of small kayak crafts and sailing boats to get to those hard-to-reach coves and beaches.

It's important to note that our material is 'Ocean plastic' recycled fishing nets and ropes found on beaches. Not recyclate from factory waste which should be used anyway. Our material is a direct action to stop marine life from digesting plastics.

The material is then loaded up and sent for processing, where it is cleaned, shredded, and ready to injection moulded into our sustainable products. 

The material is then loaded into our injection moulding machine, which is melted to around 250 degrees before being injected into our bespoke moulds. Each item is handmade and checked before we are satisfied that it's ready to be sold. All our plant pots are made from recycled fishing nets and ropes - 100% recycled and recyclable.


We aim to scale and grow the business with a product range of plant pots and other products. The material is super strong; the colours are beautiful and unique. We pay a premium for the material, which provides a sustainable income to the charities we work with and the community. A percentage of the profits also go towards charity, which provides an income to support further work and marine conservation. 

If you have any further questions please check out our FAQs

  • Unique live demonstrations of recycling in action.

  • Give people hope and provide solutions to the ocean plastic crisis

  • Create a community and strengthen your sustainable message

  • Provides concrete ways to take action

  • Demonstrate the circular economy

  • Positive outcomes for people and the planet.

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