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The Plastic Tide Planter

Inspired by the seams of rock that form over millennia, I wondered what we would find generations from now.

This planter is made from beach plastics I found on a #2minutebeachclean on the west coast of Europe, compressed between layers of my recycled oyster shell Biomaterial composite. 

I call them 'Plastic Tide.' They make beautiful planters for the home of a small cactus or plant. We have a range of products that raise awareness of the environment and use recycled waste materials in beautiful ways.

The oyster biomaterial composite is a slightly off-white stone colour. The ocean plastics are mainly a beautiful aqua blue from fishing nets and plastics I found on beaches along the French and Spanish coasts. 

Each item is unique and has variations, so please remember this when ordering. Check that the size and item suit your requirements. Email and check if unsure, but they all vary slightly but maintain the primary blue aqua seam through an off-white stone colour. 

Each item is unique, so we cannot pay for the postage if the product is returned because it's not exactly like the picture. If you are fussy, please ask for a picture of your product, and we will try to accommodate you.

  • 9.5 cm x 6cm

  • Made from Ocean plastics & Recycled Oyster Shells

  • Handmade in the United Kingdom

  • 10% of profits go to marine conservation

Ocean Tide Succulent Planter
Ocean Tide Succulent Planter
Ocean Tide Succulent Planter
Ocean Tide Succulent Planter
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