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A solar lamp made from recycled ocean plastics

I have been playing around with various product design ideas over the years utilising recycled ocean plastics. I made a plant pot from recycled ocean plastics but want to continue to find new and innovative eco solutions. The benefits of solar to the environment over conventional power sources are plain to see. With gas and electricity prices going through the roof as well it makes sense to use this abundant and sustainable energy source.

I am a designer who is focused on finding solutions to the environmental challenges we face through thoughtful and sustainable design. I have been working with recycled ocean plastics in my plant pot designs for many years so I have been keen to make the next step and create a product where I combine ocean plastics and solar light. I am very excited about this new development.

A solar lamp made from recycled ocean plastics

Solar is clean, and renewable and uses the most natural and abundant resource planet earth has – the sun. Other benefits include the fact that you can go anywhere with this solar light and never need batteries and any attachment to the grid.

I am currently prototyping a range of designs and playing with the materials and the solar panels in a variety of ways. I wanted a solar light that is great for outdoor use when in the garden, on the balcony, out camping, evenings on the beach or at festivals. It could also be a great nightlight for your kids and help educate them about the environment and eco-design. Shining a light of ocean plastic whilst demonstrating a positive environmental design solution.

Prototype for a solar light made from recycled plastic and powered by the sun.

Utilising my precious plastic machine I injection mould recycled fishing nets and bottle tops. The material is gathered by volenteers on beach cleans and I then I process and shred the material mixing it with clear recycled bottle tops to get my transparent colour. I have been uses existing moulds I have to prototype the ideas but also have other more bespoke designs coming.

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