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Innovative tech saves public pools and reduces Co2 emissions

We need to do so many things to save our planet and get to zero emissions. That's why we love celebrating a big eco-friendly idea that does two good things simultaneously and very simply.

As you probably know, we love water and know its benefits. Ecotribo does all it can to keep our coasts and water clean and support social outreach through water therapy and outreach programs. We know how much water can benefit you by releasing feel-good hormones. Swimming, like all exercise, releases endorphins in your brain to aid mental and physical health.

Despite this, sadly, public pools are being closed due to funding and the energy crisis. At the same time, data centers use extortionate amounts of energy to cool their hardware. They are mostly fossil fuel-powered and operate 24 hours a day, accounting for around 2% of all global carbon emissions. That’s about the same as the airline industry.

Data centers use much energy, and public pools are closing due to rising energy costs. Deep Green's new technology can heat pools with data center waste heat, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions. Mark Bjornsgaard, the chief executive of the tech startup Deep Green, has trialed the idea in Exmouth, Devon. He has put a small computer data processing center underneath the pool; its energy heats the water. The idea has taken off, and up to 20 public pools could be upgraded to the heating system this year.

We love this big idea and believe it can truly make a difference. Wishing Mark and his team all the very best.

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