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Recycled ocean plastic park benches

Updated: Jul 6

Celebrating world environment day with our recycled ocean plastic park bench.

The beams for our first prototypes are made from recycled ghost nets found on UK beaches. We are working on a couple of different designs and have this more general utility design and a slick modern design coming soon.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Park Bench sat on a beach with ghost nets on the floor
Recycled Ocean Plastic Park Bench

With our partners we collect local nets and ropes, process, shred and extrude the beams to make furniture locally from local beach plastics and marine waste.

We are working with a number of partners in a collaborative way to bring this project and concept to life. As some of you will know this has been a passion project of mine for many many years as I’ve scaled from my first tiny ‘ocean tide’ planter in around 2018 collecting ocean plastics, processing and shredding by hand.

I’ve kept plugging away at this idea scaling to a small community shredder. I processed the nets myself shredding over 300kg to prove a point and made our SEA CHANGE plant pots. I wanted to go even further and continue to scale the cleanup and the amount of waste processed so have been looking at ways to do that. Collaboration has been key and I’m now partnering with other organisations who are helping in their respective fields.

Thanks to clean ocean sailing and circular_11 for all their hard work and expertise. Together we are stronger.

The recycled ocean plastic park benches and the coming furniture range are another step in Ecotribo’s sustainability journey…

We are taking pre-orders so reach out if you are interested in purchasing one of our recycled ocean plastic benches for your local beach, park home or garden. We can also work in a collaborative way to create a design that works for you.


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