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Recycling plastic demos- Ocean Plastic Plant Pots – LIVE demos in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Updated: May 15, 2023

Recycling plastic demos - LIVE on Falmouth Quay, Cornwall
Recycling plastic demos

Plastic recycling demos on Falmouth quay were a huge success. Recycling fishing nets into eco plant pots is what we do so we decided to demo the process for all to see. We were invited to the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival this summer to do recycled plastic demos by Clean Ocean Sailing. We got to show off our recycled ocean plastic plant pots and make them on the quayside in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

‘Clean Ocean Sailing’ clean our coasts sustainably under sail and do outreach programs around Cornwall. With 65 000 visitors, it was great to finally get our eco pots in front of people and get feedback on our products! We did a workshop demonstrating how we collect abandoned ocean waste, clean, process, and shred the material. I made my ocean plastic plant pots by hand using the injection machine, and moulds LIVE on the quayside for thousands of ocean lovers and pirates.

  • Demonstrate recycling in action with our eco plant pots

  • Give people hope and solutions to the ocean plastic crisis.

  • Create a community and strengthen your sustainable message.

  • Provides concrete ways to take action

  • Demonstrate the circular economy and positive outcomes for people and the planet


Recycled Ocean plastic demo on the quayside in Falmouth

It is a fantastic way to demonstrate positive, sustainable outcomes for beach cleaners, nature lovers and kids! We are determined to demonstrate that there are solutions to our environmental challenges through sustainable circular design thinking.

“Thank you for your support during Falmouth Cup, it was truly great to have you there and see how positively people respond to see the whole circle of marine waste circular economy.” - Clean Ocean sailing

Our mission is to help promote positive outcomes for coastal communities by cleaning our oceans, promoting recycling and demonstrating how people and businesses can renew, recycle, restore and regenerate the planet and the economy. 10% of profits go directly towards our coastal cleanup charities to help with education and outreach programs. If you would like us to visit your festival, business or event to demonstrate sustainability in action, please get in touch!

Plant pot made from 100% recycled Ocean plastics. LIVE DEMOS Available

Plant pot made from 100% recycled Ocean plastics. Light Blue with White seam

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